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"It's not what you make, it's what you keep!"

  • Preparation of Individual federal and state tax returns:
    • Federal IRS Form 1040, NY State IT-201, NYC-1127, NJ-1040, CT-1040, PA-40, etc.

  • Preparation of Partnership and Corporate Business federal and state tax returns
    • Federal forms 1065, 1120, 1120S, State forms IT-204, NYC-204, CT-3, NYC-2, etc.
    • Preparation of state and federal sales tax returns, payroll tax returns, Highway use tax returns, and fuel use tax returns, etc.

  • Bookkeeping for businesses
    • General journal, Trial balance, Transaction details, Profit and Loss reports, etc.

  • Government Notices
    • Power of Attorney, IRS correspondence, and State government correspondence

  • ​State of the art tax software
    • ​Equipped with the best software returns have never been easier.
      • ​Electronic filing, return delivery, and bill pay.
      • Comprehensive calculations to get you the most out of your return.
      • Scanning documents means your return gets done quick!